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Project managers are responsible for leading, overseeing and planning projects from conception to completion. Our Quantum IT specialist help in coordinating the development of new designs and products and determining project costs. Our experts liaise with contractors, subcontractors, internal shareholders and departments to ensure projects are completed on budget, within given scope and on time. Our team works across a portfolio of projects, on single and larger scale projects. We integrate the best project management methodologies for any type of organization model.

Our Key Methodologies

We help to plan a project, collaborate the team and have a roadmap for at least 3 months to get high-impact work done through agile framework.

We handle a client projects that need a support for the current process and define a visual project management strategy that displays work in board view.

Scrum + Kanban
Our experienced project management team helps our clients to visualize work through stages and track all of their work in progress so that they can host effective daily standup meetings, stellar sprint planning, and retrospectives. Through Kanban boards we help them tackle their sprint backlog and organize the flow of work during a sprint, so every that Scrum cycle is a success.

Technologies We excel in

Document Management

Ticket/Bug Tracking


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