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Achieve the Ultimate Performance with our DevOps Services

Quantum IT implements best DevOps practices to streamline infrastructure management, software development, deployment automation, and monitoring to deliver faster and more reliable and flexible software. Boost your project and implement the best Agile Methodologies with our skilled DevOps engineers. We’ll leverage your DevOps process for cost optimization, increased reliability, flexibility and faster delivery of new features. We provide high-quality customized DevOps management and consulting services. We help you to automate your CI/CD and transform your SDLC process. We assist you in Cloud migration process by discovering appropriate software, infrastructure, and automate DevOps process for CI/CD delivery.

Our Deep DevOps Experience

Whether you’re using Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Amazon’s Cloud Cloud Pipeline and Octopus Deploy our team will help you to optimize the deployment processes. We adopts the best DevOps practices to ensure a smooth delivery to production. Our experienced DevOps team provides automation for every area of your project — code, database changes, and infrastructure.

A Seamless Transition

Business continuity is critical. While the Quantum team is working on your DevOps improvements you will be able to continue with your current deployments as usual and, when the implementation is complete, the new process will be put in place with minimal disruption.Our goal is to identify the obstacles, optimize the process, build the infrastructure and document the implemented process for your team

Our DevOps Services

Our experienced DevOps team helps our clients in strategize a deployment process (blue/green, canary, etc.), and build an efficient multi-stage process for database deployment by validating, automating, and testing database migrations — all in an automated way before they hit a new environment or production. We help you ensure infrastructural changes flow automatically via multiple environments, so they never go out of sync. We provide both cloud and on-premises tools for hosting, and create automation for maintaining all the environments in the same configuration. We can help configure and build telemetry to monitor your infrastructure and application changes.

Our skilled DevOps experts, uses a suite of tools that helps our client to scale the complex infrastructure, optimize the process and help engineers to develop products efficiently.

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Container Tools

Automated Testing

Computing and Storage

Monitoring and Alerting

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